Our Story

About Ekadesma

A sustainable lifestyle brand established in 2011,Co-founded by the sisters Anuja Rajbhandari Shrestha and Alpaja Rajbhandari, with the manifesto of telling the story of crafts and traditions of Nepal to the world in a contemporary manner through art and design.

Ekadesma was born out of a shared love for art-craft, and fashion, with founding principles of creating original and artsy designs using natural fabrics, which are produced locally by small scale weavers through ethical and environmentally friendly practices.

We work with 100% natural Nepali crafted textiles like cotton, hemp cotton, and bamboo cotton and silk and combine this with the artisanal process of dyeing and weaving. In the hope of giving a new lease of life to locally crafted textiles still weaved in age-old traditional techniques. Each of our products is natural, unique, ethically made, and crafted with love, care, and thought. We are a small business, supporting a small community group of makers, artisans, and dreamers. Each of our products is put together with skilled hands by the women of our community.

Ekadesma designs are always timeless and versatile, based on continuity. We make garments which are timeless and still please our customers in the next season or the one after. Our designs are inspired by the trend but remain true to its brand aesthetics. The Comfortable, flexible fits and fabrics have a pleasant feel displaying their natural unique, and authentic character. Our collections are delightful, sophisticated, and personal.