Our Story

‘Ekadesma’ एकादेशमा translates to ‘Once upon a time’ in Nepali, a name chosen to tell stories of Nepal and its crafts through the clothes that we make. 

It all started in 2011, when two sisters came together to found a brand that weaves together their passion for eco-fashion and social good. Ekadesma’s decade-old journey has paid homage to Nepal’s traditional textile craftsmanship, fusing cultural elements with a timeless aesthetic that follows the universal sensibilities of comfort and style. 

Ekadesma embraces the slow fashion philosophy, crafting sustainable collections from their workshop in Kathmandu ethically, mindfully, and consciously.


How are we ‘sustainable’? 

Design Philosophy

Our timeless collections transcend seasonal trends, with classic silhouettes and inventive cuts to create utterly comfortable and durable clothes that you will want to wear year after year, season after season. 

Natural materials

From the fabrics to the accessories to packaging, we only use natural, biodegradable materials for our collections. Fabrics like cotton, hemp, bamboo and linen are dyed and screen printed with low impact azo-free dyes and the buttons and other accessories are hand carved from horn or bones.

Made in Nepal

The beautifully organic textures of Ekadesma’s collections come from 100% locally hand loomed fabrics. Utilizing local materials and manufacturing dramatically reduces our overall carbon footprint and increases transparency in our supply chain, while lending a new lease of life to Nepalese textiles. 

Circular and Zero Waste

We firmly believe that waste is not waste, until you waste it. Not a single scrap of our fabrics gets thrown in the landfill, for we’ve devised endless ways to utilize every last bit, be it masks, accessories, or in details of the master collections. Even our packaging is a stroke of thrifty genius, upcycling old newspapers to make our signature shopping bags!

Empowering Women

Nepal’s social cultural norms and gender roles dictates the lives of many women, who are often left financially and economically vulnerable when the men in their lives stop being the breadwinners. As a women-led enterprise, we strongly feel the responsibility to empower the women in our country with a skill and jobs so that they can earn a living wage and be financially independent.

We have trained and employed many women from ethnically marginalized communities in our in-house workshop, which complies to fair-trade standards in terms of working conditions and fair wages. Our trainings empower them with a tangible skill which paves a path to earn a dignified livelihood. We also teach them financial literacy and assist them in opening their own bank accounts, the first step in their path to independence.